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Scaremongering Expats Guide


We all want to see our local bank fail and collapse. The way to do it is to scare the weakest links in society into silly destructive behavior. Here in Spain the British expats are our obvious choice. Here is the Scaremongering Expats Guide:

1) The sky is falling, youre about to loose the 325pounds you saved during 36years of delivering horrific service on behalf of BT or British railways.

2) Advice them to take out immediately, hide in casa, buy gold, buy swiss francs or dollars etc

3) When wise-ass financial advisor/”the market is rising”-estate agent/”itll all be fine if we show solidarity”-hippie turns up and tells people not to panic as deposits up to 100k are guaranteed – fire back: “Yes, 100k are guaranteed … by a state about to go bankrupt. They chose to fund Bankia over your treatment at the local hospital. Do you really think your private deposit will be a priority?”

4) OMG follow up, Spain is negoating for emergency loans. OMG. Get your money out.

5) Is it true the banks are stealing deposits and converting them into shares you can not withdraw? Helpful fake account asks … OMG Yes, get your money out, theyre stealing them, its always the last desperate attempt before collapse

6) Start from 1

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