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Bull Bingo – The Glory Of Spanish Fiestas !


In Pamplona they throw tomatoes at each other. The Valencians burn giant statues in the street for Fallas. In Sevilla they torture bulls to death with spears and call it sports and others throw goats out of church towers. Luckily most places are a bit less cuntish about their entertainment and most fiestas simply get you shot by fireworks and horned by angry bulls on the run  … in general the Spanish fiesta traditions are silly, weird or plain wrong.  Thats why we love them!

But as always, Jávea has to outperform them all ! They can have their tomatoes, statues and bull runns – we have bull bingo !

Bull bingo is quite simple but genius. A plaza in town is divided into squares. Everyone bets all their money on a square, open their drinks and start to wait, drink and celebrate.

A bull is let loose in the plaza.

Then we all wait. Drink. Celebrate. Drink some more. And wait. Just until the bull has a big giant poo in the plaza. When this glorious moment happens the crowd explodes in euphoric dancing and singing! The bull has decided the winner of the bull bingo with its poo. The winner is of course the one who bet on the square where the bull put its precious poo.


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