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This is my right too


Heavy cabroney is trying to take over this blog which is 50% mine by right. Yes, it was MY idea so now I will do what I do best: whine.

I think I chatted with this guy once

Today the moaning is about guys who lie over ICQ to have a cyber intimate relationship with you. They will talk to you saying they’re from countries they’re not, and in the end they all end up conffesing. You can spot them easily because they write like this “asl? how r u?”. It is so annoying. Since I am smart I know they are lying about everything so I tell them go fuck off.

A couple of times I got to talk to guys from super catholic countries from Africa. They were even worse than the catholic in the rest of the world and believed every literal thing from the bible so I had fun talking to them and asking stuff for my own amusement.

In other news the whether is horrible in this part of the world. Yes, its winter over here and people think because you live in South America everything is sun, beach and bananas. Well its not! Where I live the humidity level is 85% making the 2C feel like -15 and the rubbish part is that we don’t even have snow! So…we suffer from cold as any cold country but we don’t have the satisfaction of playing with snow and making snow men. I actually never seen snow in my whole life, why? WHY?

When you have a cabroney life like me, all you can do is moan and watch True Blood and Games of Thrones. And eat candy.

Please share your thoughts with us we are very interested in what you have to say,


Moanie Cabroney



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“This is my right too”

  1. On June 20th, 2012 at 6:52 am Grumpy El Gordo Says:

    WHY are you trying to chat up african blokes moanie ????

    PS – You forgot to answer: ASL ???? (thorough photographic evidence required!!)