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Dating Advice For Friends


Giving dating advice to friends … Im an expert you see:

Her: I have a date tomorrow! wooo!! lol
Me: YAY YAY Who is it.
Her: A guy from Boston thats living here for some reason contacted me via a dating site lol
Me: Going somewhere nice?
Her: I choose the place some nice pub probably
Me: dinner or drinks?
Her: Cheap beer (as he said) lol
Me: awwww lol i know you dont like to, but you should consider changing your crusty knickers and trim your wild forest nose hair first. I know you like the natural look, but just in case
Her: Looool I dont know, maybe, I might even take a shower
Me: Dont go over the top now, it will seem staged
Her: Hahah true, Gotta remain true to myself
Me: I hope it works out though, drinks-sex-marriage … all in 24hours. Tomorrow we can plan the names of the twins
Her: I wont sleep with him thats for sure
Her: But ill get married if he asks
Her: (imagine for a second someobe reads this whole conversation…lol)
Me: They will …

…Its happening tonight. I will keep you posted.

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